Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast

Things to do - general

Starting from Vuda Point just outside Nadi, the Sunshine Coast stretches around the northern shore of Viti Levu.

A stunningly beautiful stretch of country combining cane fields, cassava patches, villages, majestic volcanic outcrops and small towns, you’ll find this part of Fiji fascinating and diverse. The Sunshine Coast contains historic sites of early settlement such as Vuda Point and Navatu Rock as well as Fiji in its working clothes – the sugar town of Lautoka. Hiking and birdwatching are popular, and for boaties there’s the Vuda Point Marina.

Culture and history info


For much of Fiji’s modern history, sugar has been the driving economic force, and is responsible for the Indo-Fijian population settling in Fiji. Many prominent Indo-Fijian academics, politicians and professionals were reared on humble farms around this area.

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Activities & Dining


Travelling the Sun Coast is a great way to experience Fiji’s rich, diverse culture. Lautoka has many mosques, temples and churches reflecting the city’s mix of Indo-Fijian and indigenous people. Further inland you’ll find beautiful parks which are great for hiking and birdwatching.


There are eateries in some of the small towns along the Sun Coast, but most restaurants are in Lautoka. While it doesn’t have as many dining options as Nadi or Suva, there is plenty of good quality, reasonably-priced eateries and a couple of bars.