Mamanuca Islands

Mamanuca Islands

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The Mamanuca Islands are Fiji’s most popular group of islands, located west of Nadi. Here, you will find 20 stunning palm fringed islands that are home to some of Fiji’s most exclusive resorts.

With a fantastic range of watersports, surfing, cruise, dive, boating, spa and other activity options, visitors will enjoy days of fun filled adventures and balmy, romantic evenings. Featuring some of the most stunning white sand beaches and coral gardens in Fiji, you will be blown away by the pristine beauty that these untouched islands have to offer. All of the resorts in the Mamanuca Islands are less than 2 hours by boat or 15 minutes by air from Nadi. With accommodation options to cater to most travellers, you will be sure to find your unique slice of paradise. From budget accommodation options, to ultra exclusive private islands, there is an island for everyone in the Mamanuca Islands.

Culture and history info


Myth says that Fiji's story begins about 1500 BC with a voyage of giant war canoes from Taganika north of Egypt. Leading the armada on the giant double hull canoe "Kaunitoni" was warrior Chief Lutunasobasoba with a special cargo - a magical box called the Katonimana (the Box of Blessings). Around Matamanoa, Mana and Likuliku, they met bad weather and the “Box of Blessings” slipped into the water. Lutunasobasoba gave orders to let it go, believing it was the will of the gods. Lutunasobasoba then named the 3 Islands Mata-manoa (meaning "eye of the strong wind"), Mana ("Magic') to mark the area where the Box of Blessings fell, and 'Likuliku' because it was here the armada experienced calm waters again. Lutunasobasoba gave specific instructions that no one was to ever try and retrieve the "Katonimana" and predicted that this group of islands would be a great source of prosperity for the Fijian people in the future. To this day, some believe that this box is still buried

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