Travel Packages in Fiji

Fiji’s travel packages consist of vibrant coral reefs, crystal-clear waves and lush green landscapes. Fiji is a beautiful place where you can go for your romantic holiday for family vacations or adventure trips as well. Fiji is a unique blend where you can explore Melanesian, Polynesian and Indian cultures. You can have an experience full of new traditions and cultures. Packages of Fiji include luxury, flights, and accommodations. Moreover, activities like snorkelling, diving, and exploring Fijian villages are all there to let you enjoy Fiji. The best season to go to Fiji is from May to October where you can even get good deals and promotions. Choose your package wisely so that you can have the best trip with your loved ones.

Travel Packages in Fiji:

There are many different packages from where you can explore Fiji. Let us understand each one of them separately.

Exploring Fiji from the Day Tours of Fiji

There is a Day trip from Nadi which takes 5 hours to reach the South Sea Island. Here you get two hours where you can explore the Marine life and the colorful coral. You can also do activities like snorkelling, kayaking, scuba-diving and so on. Those who have fewer days in Fiji can take up this tour for sure.

Another is a day trip to Malamala Beach Club Fiji where you have a chance to enjoy the stunning view of the beach club. It is just a 25-minute boat ride from Port Denarau. You are there from morning to evening. The return transfers are FJ$75 per person per visit from Nadi and Denarau or FJ$99 per person if you visit from the Coral Coast, Natadola, and Momi Bay.

There are many more options for a day trip from which you can choose the most suitable for you. Our itineraries will let you explore Fiji completely and beautifully.

Coral Coast Fiji

Coral Coast Fiji is all about tours famous for Fiji’s coastline for its azure waters, beaches and coral reefs. This is a 3-hour tour from Cuvu base where you are taken along through the journey of beautiful forests, villages and rock cuttings. The ride is on the modified electric bicycles on the sugar cane railway with deserted beaches and beautiful green landscapes.

There are more such water adventures as well that can be chosen as per your liking and interest.

Lautoka Fiji Tours

Lautoka is the second largest city in Fiji which is known to be the sugar city as it has many sugarcane fields. There are different tour of 4 hours and 6 hours day tour which includes new adventures to explore.

Private Tours from Nadi airport

These are the private tours that are booked personally for you. No other guests are allowed here. This is where you decide on the place and the tour guide would take you along in a full air-conditioned vehicle and with all the facilities. This is a 4-hour tour which starts from FJD 359.00 for 1-2 seats and further charges are added as per the number of passengers.

Private tours from Suva

This is one of the other private tours that are booked personally for your own family. No other guests are involved here. You need to choose your destination and the tour starts from Suva. Each group has an individual private guide with you to explore Fiji. You get to choose your pickup timings and pick-up is from the Wharf. There are many options for you to round about Suva and other places. The tour starts from FJS 459.00 for 1-3 seats. It is up to you how many seats you want and accordingly, booking is to be done.

Here are some hot deal options which you can choose for your trip.

  • One of the deals includes 8 nights and 9 days where you be taken to 4 islands. One of them is the Mamanucas and the other 3 are the Yasawas. The whole itinerary is set of places like the famous Blue Lagoon region, a variety of island locations, and diving and snorkelling spots. The full-fledged 9-day trip is designed for you and will take you the beautiful Fiji. The stay at Coconut Dorm costs at $1736 but with the offer you will only get $1660. Check out more such deals on our website and book your trip soon before the deal ends.
  • Another deal includes staying at 6 tropical islands inclusive of 2 mamanucas, and 4 in the Yasawas. The itinerary includes places like the Yasawas chain, Mamanuca islands, picture-perfect beaches, and a party at Beachcomber Island. The stay starts at FJD 2241 but due to the offer, the cost now is only $2140. Grab out these offers before the discounts get over.


Fiji’s travel packages offer vibrant coral reefs, crystal-clear waves, lush green landscapes, and a unique blend of Melanesian, Polynesian, and Indian cultures. Packages include luxury accommodations, flights, and activities like snorkeling, diving, and exploring Fijian villages.

The best time to visit Fiji is from May to October. During this period, you can enjoy favorable weather conditions and may find good deals and promotions on travel packages.

There are various day tours available, including trips to South Sea Island for marine life exploration, snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba diving. Another option is a day trip to Malamala Beach Club Fiji, offering a stunning beach view and various activities.

Coral Coast Fiji tour is a 3-hour adventure exploring Fiji’s coastline, azure waters, beaches, and coral reefs. The tour takes you through beautiful forests, villages, and rock cuttings on modified electric bicycles along the sugar cane railway.

Lautoka Fiji Tours, based in the second-largest city known as the sugar city, offers 4-hour and 6-hour day tours. These tours include new adventures to explore, providing a unique experience of the sugarcane fields and more.

Private tours from Nadi airport are personalized trips with no other guests involved. You choose the destination, and a private guide accompanies you in a fully air-conditioned vehicle. Prices start from FJD 359.00 for 1-2 seats, with additional charges based on the number of passengers.

Yes, private tours from Suva are available for your family, providing an exclusive experience with a personal guide. Prices start from FJS 459.00 for 1-3 seats, and you can choose your pickup timings and destinations around Suva.

Yes, there are hot deals available, including an 8-night and 9-day trip to 4 islands, such as Mamanucas and Yasawas. Another deal includes staying at 6 tropical islands with discounts on the original prices. Check our website for more exclusive offers and book your trip before the discounts end.


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