Mud Pools & Therapeutic Hot Springs

There are 2 different places you can go to the mud pools in Fiji, both are right next door to each other. Only 30mins from Nadi on the same road as the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. The first mud pool is called Sabeto and the other is Tifajek. Both have changing rooms with showers. Towels can also be rented if you don’t have your own.

About the Mud Pools: Hot spring water combines with volcanic ash to form a mud bath pool. Mud baths have existed for thousands of years and found in spas around the world including Fiji. The mud bath treatment is used as a way to relieve arthritis. To take full advantage of the therapeutic value of the mud pools you first coat yourself in mud then stand in the sun until it drys. Wash off in the first natural hot spring pool then walk over to the next clear water pool for another cleansing. Both places offer cheap and very good massage. Pool temperatures are warm to hot.