Cheap Accommodation Holiday Packages in Fiji. We’ve hand-picked every accommodation package deal ourselves to ensure you have the best holiday.

We’ve been to nearly all of these resorts and actually seen them for ourselves and taken the photos.  The Yasawa Islands is our favourite area and although we haven’t visited every single resort yet, we are getting through them. Because we’re local we know the cheapest, quickest and best way to get to your resort that you might not know about. Of course not everything needs to be cheap, that’s why you’ll see package holidays in Fiji at some expensive resorts too. We work directly with trusted companies who we’ve met personally. On top of any special deals the resorts offer, where we may add additional discounts, these come out of our own commission, so you won’t find these deals anywhere else. If you can’t find the right package holiday deal just let us know and we’ll customise a package holiday just for you, email us at