Private Transfers

Private transfers between resorts or islands in Fiji are a great blessing to the tourists coming here to Fiji. It is a very well-organized service that Fiji offers. It is also an excellent way to explore the diverse beauty Fiji is all about. These transfers are often made for the comfort and ease of the tourists. The main purpose is to let enjoy the tourist the scenic views as well as a seamless transition from one place to another. These services enhance the travel experience of the tourist. Private transfers ensure a sense of privacy and comfort along with its exclusive services.

Benefits of choosing private transfers:-

Mode of Transport

There are a variety of transport modes available in Fiji such as boat transfers, vehicle, helicopter and seaplane transfers to move from one paradise to another.


Private Transfers are often an easy and relaxing option to choose as private transfers eliminate the hassle of dealing with luggage and logistics. This makes the process quite simple.

Scenic views

During the private transfers, one can explore the beautiful views including the coral reef, and seascapes of Fiji.

Booking procedure

The booking process for private transfers is quite easy and normally the hotels help the tourists and give adequate assistance during the whole process.

Special occasions

Private transfers are known to be the best option when there are calls for some celebration, honeymoon trips, anniversaries or any special gatherings. Private transfers can make the day itself a super special one.


There is also an option for customization where tourists can choose departure time as well as mode of transport on their own. This will ensure the safety and privacy of the tourists.

Transfers are available through vehicle, boat as well and air transfers. Let us understand them in detail.

1. Transfers from airport to resorts through vehicle.

In Fiji, we have our standard vehicles that will pick you up from the airport and take you to the resort. We do not provide small cars even if there are only two of them. For the comfort and ease of the tourist, we have a spacious Alphard Hybrid and for the people who are in large numbers, we have modern Toyota Hiace Vans. We also provide our local contact numbers to let you communicate with us anytime you need us. All the cars are private and fully air-conditioned to ensure comfort to the beloved tourists coming to Fiji. Book your vehicle just at FJD 44 and you can also save $10 while booking for the return transfer as well. We are the best Fiji Airport Transfers.

2. Transfers through boats from one island to another.

In Fiji, we have boat transfers that take you to the Mamanuca Islands and Yasawa Islands. Many new companies have now entered into the business of boat transfers. If you want to go to the top of the Yasawa Islands it costs $70 if your stay is at Coral View resort while it costs $10 when your stay is at other resorts. The various boat companies that take you to the Mamanuca Islands and Yasawa Islands are Yasawa Flyer, Seabus Fiji, South Sea Express, Mamanuca Express and Rata Kini Cruises. Choose what is best for you and book your transfers at affordable rates.

3. Air Transfers

This is one of the most beautiful experiences that tourists should experience once they come to Fiji. It is the fastest way to go to your island or hotel. People often book our helicopter rides that is the most romantic experience one could have. These helicopter rides are best when you want to enjoy the magnificent views as well as reach at a faster pace. 4 types of air transfer companies take you on the air transfer journey. These are Heli tours in Fiji, Turtle Airways, Pacific Island Air and island hoppers. Choose your transfer wisely and book your transfer with the best deals we have.

This is the detailed description on the various private transfers we provide in Fiji. Our Private Transfers services are 24*7 available, making it more convenient for you. For any other information you can email us on or you can even contact us on (+679) 777 6666. Feel free to contact us at any time. We are here to serve you with the best of the services. You can also find our page on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Book our private transfer services by filling up the forms we have on our website and get ready to explore the spectacular Fiji in the most comforting and beautiful way.


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